Jan 12, 2006

Starbucks: good coffee... problem customers

Detective Mendoza and I made it back OK, but there was an incident at a Starbucks that is noteworthy.

To begin- one of my fellow instructors from the state's Sniper School, a Sargent from King County SO, sent me a gift several months ago.  It was a sniper pin with a reference on it, "1 Samuel 17:49".  It was an awesome gift, and I wear it proudly on my fleece vest.  However, no one, in the months I've had it on, has ever asked me what it means; I guess they just assume it's just a chunk of yuppie shine.

On our way out of Stockton we stopped in at the local Starbucks.  For those of you NOT in the Pacific Northwest, Starbucks is the place where addictive stimulants are sold, not in "bindles", "8-balls" and "keys," but in "tall", "grande," and "vente".  Anyway, I step up to the counter and speak to the kid who cheerfully asks me what he can make for me.  I tell the young man (I think) the same as always, "Vente, sugar-free vanilla, extra-hot, skinny".  That's right... I know my latte' lingo. 

Anyway, the kid looks at the pin and does what no one else has ever done; he asks me, "What's the pin for?"  Now this kid looks to me as though his top crisis in life to this point has been deciding on how to spend his first paycheck: a "fur is dead" t-shirt, or a second stud in the eyebrow?  I matched the kid's smile and replied, "It honors a Biblical reference to the very first historically recorded fatal precision head shot." 

Poor kid, looked like he probably had to go home and get a fresh pair of hemp boxers. 

I bet he is, right this very moment, writing in an AOL Journal about his brush with death and the crazed, pin-wearing maniac who stood next to the biscotti and almost killed everyone in the Stockton Starbucks.  He is 411ing all his peeps, 'don't ax da dude 'bout da bling.'

Have a great weekend.

PS:  Taking my lovely wife Krissy on a Caribbean Cruise next week; don't expect too much in the journal. 


lurkynat said...

Holy Moses! cool beans get out of here have a great trip!

njmom72 said...

We have Starbucks out here in the East too..Jersey to be exact. In fact the one in my neighborhood just got robbed the other night. Turns out that the guy who did it also robbed a bank around here too.

LOL @ "don't ax da dude 'bout da bling"!! Hope you and your wife have a wonderful and safe trip, you both deserve it! :-)

~ Susan

pitbullsys said...

LOL Poor kid! =)
Well I think you brightened his day with a little adventure!

// p


ally123130585918 said...

Well I've just got to feel sorry for that poor little kid,  Bet in future he won't ask any questions - he will just stick to "fur is dead" t-shirts or maybe even be a bit adventurous and have a stud put through his tongue - just to remind him not to be too curious about pins on fleeces...and just keep serving that coffee up - Oh and enjoy your Caribbean Cruise "do they allow you to take Guns aboard"??? you never know what incidents you may encounter on the High Seas....lol...Ally

shayshaydc said...

Well I can't laugh at the kid.......I would probably have been standing there dumbfounded myself!!!! Without the stud in my eyebrow of course!!!! lol........ Have a great cruise!!! http://journals.aol.com/shayshaydc/Golfaholic

mastersblynn said...

Have fun!!!! Barbara

yakima127 said...

How funny!  Have a good vacation!  JAE

mawmellow said...

Who ever said Police don't have a sense of humor ? LOL
Have a good cruise !

dragonrose3911 said...

lmao. That was great....but seriously what does the verse say in the bible? Have fun on the cruise....:D

bgilmore725 said...

Come back with some astute and humorous observations. You know we expect them by now. Have a fun cruise! Bea

psychfun said...

Have fun on your cruise! ;-) Now you'll really now it was worth losing the weight! Be careful don't gain it back...fruit!!!! :-) And Yes bring back some humorous stories & pictures!!!! Have fun!

sunnyside46 said...

I am going to have to dig out the Bible fo rthis one

helmswondermom said...

Wow!  I'd never thought of Goliath's death in those terms before, but I guess it was!  Don't you just love being able to baffle kids these days?

screaminremo303 said...

What? No discount??

Have a safe trip. Send us pictures of your braided crew-cut.

lifesabench6 said...

You crack me up.  I wish I could have seen the kid's face.  Hopefully, he'll go find a Bible and read up on it- just to see if it's true, then get some other insite as well!  Hope you have (Had) a fun trip.  Carolyn

bgilmore725 said...

Hey dave, check out the detective logo at this website: http://journals.aol.com/lv2trnscrb/Ofmini-pawsandmenopause/entries/281
I thought if you hadn't seen it, you might have a look and see if you can borrow it. It is so you! Bea