Mar 7, 2014

Still here.... kind of

Hey everyone, long time no see.  Like dead fish, get it?  "Long time no sea".  Lame, sorry... I'm out of practice.

I've not written anything in about two years because I've been retired for two years.  Blogging was a way to relieve stress and deal with my job, but now I don't have those events that need the catharsis of writing.  My position now is one where I chop wood, care for tractors and other implements and speak to churches and other Christian groups.  Nothing to inspire stories of dark humor there.

However, what I have found I'm doing is re-telling many of the things which happened to me on the job as sermon illustrations during my many speaking events.  Because most of my life was spent as a Police Officer (and most of the rest was spent as an unruly kid), it is about the only way to make a point about whatever my topic for speaking may be.

So, this all to explain that I have started a new blog, titled "Investigating God" where I retell many of the same stories, and some new ones, with the corresponding truth about God and His Word that I used to relay that truth to an audience.

Thanks for listening,


Oh... here is the website: