May 7, 2010

To Shelly's Family...

Dear Family member,
I read your post am I am very sorry it caused you some pain, however you must understand this post deals with my side of working in Law Enforcement. You are absolutely right, my job is very ugly at times, and I see every bit of it's uglyness, every day; and it is not easy. It sometimes shreds my humanity and haunts my dreams. This post is a way I can deal with it, by sharing with others a perspective that they often may not see, or ever know exists because of the predominance of unrealistic media portrayal of police. I know that you loved and cared for your aunt, however you must know that I cared for her very much, even though I never met her alive; because it is my job to make sure she has justice. Often times it never happens, but in this case we were able to make a quick conclusion because of the events I described. My insights into the world of Law Enforcement, I hope, are helpful to all (most of all you) who read them as they see that cops are not without emotions of all sorts. We feel hurt, joy, humor, sorrow, sympathy in every situation we deal with, even death. Please know that I work hard to make sure that the dead have a voice in the justice system, and that we police are just as human as anyone else. You let me know if you would like me to pull the story, I will at your request.