Dec 24, 2005

Year End Report

Well, 2005 is almost over.  Time to clear up a few things about the flurry of posts over the past year.

Regarding Geek Wanna-be, Yes Felicia, I did pass the EnCase class (barely).

Hopeless Case, I did think about Gary Ridgeway (Green River Killer); can't reveal all of the facts, but not his style.  Also looked hard at Ted Bundy, but was in a Utah Jail at the time.

Family Trip to Morgue, The arm belongs to the Coroner, not the victim, and the skeleton is plastic.

Creative Writing:  Screaminremo is right, it did sound better than "Whacked him like a high fastball."  Also, Ally, I don't know where you're from, but I will tell you the secret about American humor: it is always about body parts and embarrassing sounds.  

Your fat or your Life.  I'm down 25 lbs; doing the SWAT physical is easier, and I think Officer Rich and I are going to make some money.  And Mrs. L... my wife tells me that I will not be posing for anyone in a wetsuit.

Equine Stealth.  The escapees are all back, and this time I think they all PROMISED not to run off, even if the doors are left open. 

Have Gun Will Travel.  The story got as far as an undersecretary to someone almost important in Washington DC in Homeland security, and they promised "An Investigation".  That made me laugh more that the original event.

And of Course... The Smell of Violence.  I have not seen Kenny for about a year, but I do know he comes into the station from time to time.  The clerks tell me he rants about listening devices in his apartment and poison in his food.  I guess the Democrats were right about Bush and The Patriot Act. 

God bless you all and Merry Christmas,      Dave K


brianmoralez477 said...

You Rock Brother! Sending you love, prayers and support! Cmdr. B. Moralez, Law and Order Chairman, American Legion Post 477

ally123130585918 said...

Thanks for explaining American Humour - Now things will be

ladeeoftheworld said...

Thank you for all the updates!

I laugh as I read all my journal alerts and realize how many people were up into the wee hours of the morning on Christmas eve.   Getting ready for the big day.

lurkynat said...

interesting blog.... thanks for writing it!:)

jevanslink said...

was just in London for several days. Reading your updates I realized that I didn't see a single member of the constabulary the whole time I was there. Not one. Even at the airport. I get home and I see it took eighteen of New Orleans' finest to take down one huge crazy guy brandishing a knife  That's when I knew I was home.  Not because there are so many police, everywhere, all the time.  But because we have so many wackos around.

If your wife won't let you pose in the wetsuit -- what are you going to wear to be photographed for the calendar when your book comes out?  Happy New Year.  Mrs. L

buggieboo1 said...

My best friend is a police officer in West Chester PA I will have to send him your journal link! He to is a Christian Police Officer, I cringe at the Word C-P!!!!
God Bless you and Keep you safe!