Dec 17, 2005

Confessions of a geek wannabe

A year or so ago I was walking past the Chief’s office and he hailed me in.  He was having some trouble with his computer, and I successfully assisted in turning it on (I only knew how to do this cause I saw my kid do it once).  Ever since then he has operated under the assumption that I am a computer wiz.  I fake it by calling my 17 year old son from work and asking him what to do. 

I guess I’ve fooled enough people that they sent me to EnCase® Computer Forensics School; this is the system that lets us crack hard drives and recover deleted files. The two weeks of class came close to melting my brain, during which the instructors from EnCase® made me feel very stupid for not learning their program faster, and not being a smart enough computer guy. 

So now, one of my side jobs is to take computers seized pursuant to a forgery, fraud or child porn case and see what is on them.  This sounds easy, but whenever I turn the EnCase® lab computer on, I feel like I’m trying to fly the space shuttle with about 5 minutes of flight school.  I know that I need a bit more training (about 7 years should do it) to use it right; but I still muddle on. 

All of that prep to tell you I got a letter from EnCase® today; it warned that a hacker got into the EnCase® corporate computer and stole all their files. 

For some inexplicable reason, I feel less stupid now.


psychfun said...

That is hysterical and pathetic! Makes me wonder...although I do that all the time so! HA! Guess won't take long to get going in tech. It just takes anything else. ;-) Just wait their will be advantages later when you are more comfortable with it. It will lead to more & more! Thanks for the laugh!

sunnyside46 said...

I was sent here by Ms.L and I think you will be interesting to know

helmswondermom said...

That is hilarious!

sdoscher458 said...

That is so funny. That must of been hard for them to admit. Hey, computers are not easy, no matter what anyone says...Sandi

njmom72 said...

Hi there! Congrats on being an AOL Journals Guest Editor. Your blog is fascinating; I've bookmarked you and will definitely visit often. Merry Christmas to you and your family. :-)

~ Susan

screaminremo303 said...

I have always thought the best creative writers out here were the Cops. Who else can take a thirty-second snippet of the human condition and turn it into seventeen pages of report narrative? I'm betting that training in computer forensics just made a number of your co-workers very nervous about letting you poke around in their den.

(Serving in the Metro Phx suburbs since 1990)

ally123130585918 said...

Mrs L recommend you as a good read, she is sooooo right .lol....Ally

rgwindland said...

That's the way life goes, LOL. It's interesting to just sit back and watch what happens. Rhonda

blondepennierae said...

This sounds so familiar.  I got myself into a very similar situation.  I fudged it by spending most of a years worth of lunch hours sitting at the computer trying to figure out what I had been told in the class they sent me to. Then I got put on disability, the science progressed without me, and I am now totally computer illiterate.  LOL  Pennie  

dragonrose3911 said... I have 1 question. Did you pass the class?

ladeeoftheworld said...

I'm the computer expert at work too.  That's because I know a whole bunch of really big computer words.  Duh.

lacaza3 said...

Gee whiz you would think they would of thought about the hacker thing...Guess that one slip by them
Donna In TEXAS

lurkynat said...

how cool! so I can ask you the good quesions!:):):):)

tufano said...

Is that true? Encase were hacked?

''What Encase Cannot Do Is Inform The Court Who Put The Criminal Data There To Start With''  Said Bill Clinton in his case.

I was told that Encase can be a ruse for getting a computor to download what ever you wish to incriminate the person for?  Is that true.

Anyways your story was a chuckle but I don't know how true it is, do you have the letter from Encase saying they have been hacked?