Dec 16, 2005

Your Fat Or Your Life

Well, if you saw the surfing photo, you may agree that I could lose a few pounds.  The problem is that my job is so sedentary; most of the exercise I get is walking to the coffee pot every morning.  Almost all of us detectives have this same problem, so last month some bright soul got the idea to have a “Biggest Loser” contest.  We all weighed in, and ponied up $20.  The date to weigh again will be Jan 2nd, and the person who loses the highest percentage of their body weight wins (the pot is $440.00).  

As you might guess, cops can be some pretty competitive people; the day after the first weigh in, I had 14 candy bars placed on my desk.  Now I have to watch for cops low-crawling through my back yard in order to replace my skim milk with 2%.  

It has been about 6 weeks and 22 lbs later, but there is now another issue... It seems as though other cops (not in the contest) are taking side bets on who the winner will be.  I found this out when someone brought in a large box of muffins the other day.  Officer Rich (from Community Services) ran up to me and screamed, “You’re NOT eating one of those; I got 20 bucks riding on you winning!”  

Sometimes I think about the surrealness of my job; in my world, having guys with guns yell at you for the stupidest stuff is an everyday occurrence... If I worked at a Post Office, we’d all be on Fox News with the helicopters circling, and Shepard Smith would be speculating on what the body count would end up being.  

Oh well, it all seems to work out without violence... and I’m looking forward to that big Krispy Kreme come Jan 3rd; I’d have one now, but darned if Officer Rich ain’t a good shot.


dragonrose3911 said... donuts for  you. You better win too, cuz if you dont he still might shoot you. But if he did I wouldnt be able to read your journal anymore and that would be bad. Plus...think of the money :D

bgilmore725 said...

Congratulations, guest editor! I am a first time visitor thanks to the feature, and I am won over. I want to add you to my favorites list. May I? Mine is not as exciting and eventful as yours. I don't snag criminals, although, I am trying to educate and redirect them so they won't need you to track them down one day. Just kidding. but at least you can judge whether my site is worthy to display the link of someone as famous as yourself! LOL. Come by and visit at:

gdireneoe said...

So the doughnut thing IS true!  And Krispy Kreme to boot!  Good for you on the poundage!  Hope you win! ;)  C.

jevanslink said...

So does this mean you'll be putting on your wet suit again for us after the weigh in?  Mrs. L

psychfun said...

HA! Ahhh don't you love "friends"! Ya, right! This is a great idea. Now, how about a contest of who can keep it of say for 6mo at a time! ;-) You guys are just too funny!

I went to a college that has a law enforcement program so all of the R.A.s I worked with are now in law enforcement (I worked at their dorm's desk). I remember one telling me they could bring a nice salad etc to work for lunch but then they are out for like 4 hours on a call & so you just "run for the border" etc. I know there are salads out their too but hard to eat a salad quickly in the car etc...I even know that! Ha! I will say one of them got me to try Atkins about 5 yrs ago & it was wonderful, well that & doing 420 squats 5 days a week on my Total Gym. I haven't eaten a burger from the chains for 5 yrs now. :-) But then a foot injury which required surgery last fall & 9 weeks of walking only 10-20 min an hour and then a set back this summer with the same requirement & a cast didn't help. Hopefully, soon I can get back on that Total Gym!

Good Luck! Don't listen to the Krispy Kreme inner voice haunting you. Listen to the energy you get when you are thinner. Listen to the woman checking you out on the street (shhh don't tell you wife!) Listen to the the moans & inability to do as much from those who are much heavier....ETC!

sunnyside46 said...

drop the donut and keep your hands where I can see 'em

sdoscher458 said...

My son-in-law is a I've heard all the donut jokes.  I have to laugh though I keep getting a visual of Officer Rich and his big gun.....Sandi

journalseditor said...

Well, keep in mind that muscle is 3 times heavier than fat. If you lose, you can claim that you buffed up too much and that the true measure should be body fat percentage (and not those silly calipers -- too much margin for error -- insist on the dunk tank).

One of my favorite exercise & weight-loss resources is Marty Gallagher's blog at -- he just did his own Biggest Loser contest with regular folks and saw great results.

Thanks -- Joe
(Hrm, I may actually blog about this...)

demandnlilchit said...

LOL, But at least en loose weight much faster than women do! lol All my husband has to do to drop a quick 10 pounds is give up soda for a week or two! I would have to cut off a limb if I wanted to drop a quick 10 pounds!  I wanted to also thank you for having my blog (I shaved my legs for this?) featured by you when you were guest editor!!!  $440.00 dollars in the pot huh?? That can buy a lot of krispie kremes! lol lol lol

lurkynat said...

how interesting