Nov 24, 2006

Fifteen Seconds of Fame

A news gal came at me a few weeks ago, asking to do a story on a cold case. She was so excited about the story, she said, "This will be a REALLY long story, a HUGE segment on the news, it might last up to 2 minutes! You be the judge if I have what it takes to leave this 2-bit town and hit Hollywood.


siennastarr said...

I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm pretty darn impressed!  Really! :)


mutualaide said...

Very impressive and nicely done!  

plittle said...

The audio was out of phase. You should sue.

mllevl said...

Very professional...well done.  I hope the poor woman rests in peace.  Eve

mastersblynn said...

Wow!  That was really pro!  I hope you find out what happened to this lady.  I love your journal...always something interesting to read...and now watch!  xoxBarbara

emabecmar said...

amazing. i sure do hope you find out who this lady is and what happened to her. have a nice day.

ladeeoftheworld said...

Is there a website where I can join your groupie club?  I generally prefer my men kinda dumb.....but in your case I'll make an exception.

Swooningly yours,

onestrangecat said...

It would be great to solve this case!  I so love watching Cold Case Files on A&E.


reconcilinglife said...

Yep............this looks like a good story...Hope this one is solved. bam

suzypwr said...

Good luck!

aimpagesteam said...

Excellent appearance, though I have to admit, I laughed during the shots where your head and neck were framed by the "Crime Scene - Do Not Cross" lanyard that you were wearing. -- Joe

shayshaydc said...

Great story Dave!!! Good luck on solving the case!!!!

chasferris said...

What a fasciating blog.  complete with news report.  I lose this. Makes your blog even more interewting to have seen you at work.

plittle said...

  Dude! That long-ass link is totally ripping your blog a new margin hole. It's frustration making to try and read by scrolling back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. You should paste that url into a shorter, hyperlinked piece of text.

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