Feb 4, 2006


Evidence tech Kristen and I were processing the scene of a pretty brutal stabbing; there was blood everywhere.  We were in our white Tyvek jumpsuits, made very sheik and popular by CSI.  We don’t wear them at all scenes; but this scene had blood splashed everywhere, and the homeowners evidently used their furniture to clean up after a loose-boweled dog (at least I hope it was a dog).  Kristen was wading through it all, photographing everything; pools of blood, splashes/spatter/splatter/smears of blood, bloody fingerprints, bloody footprints, and a blood-soaked shirt; very professional and stoic about the whole thing.  

Then I opened a small door: beyond it was a dark stairway leading down.  Satanic and gang graffiti covered the walls.  Kristen did not look too excited about going down there; this was the perfect opportunity for me to tweak her a bit: I did my very best Vincent Price impression and said to her,

“You must enter... the... TOMB!” 

She took a few steps down.

“The TOMB... beware the forbidden TOMB!” 

She reached the bottom; there were some candles burning and a large leering skull drawn on one wall, quite a weird place.  

“You have violated the forbidden TOOOOOOMB!” 

Kristen was looking a little freaked out.  Heh heh, the Vincent Price voice does it every time.  Just as she was preparing to photograph the leering skull, out popped a mouse from a chair, which ran across the floor and noisily scritched up a wall into a hole.  Then two more mice went dodging around the floor.  Kristen screamed,

"AAAH!  I do NOT do mice!"

Dead bodies, pools of blood, dog poop- all of it Kristen could take; a little mouse just about made her lose it, and my vampire impression didn’t help.  

At least there wasn’t a bat; oh wait... we haven’t checked the attic yet...


dragonrose3911 said...

lol. I love that... THE TOOOMBB. I definately couldnt work with ya...I'd enjoy it waay too much. lol.

lv2trnscrb said...

poor Kristen; I'm with her with the mice


shayshaydc said...

Ugh!!!!!!!!!! Sounds pretty gruesome to me!!!! http://journals.aol.com/shayshaydc/Golfaholic

screaminremo303 said...

I've never seen them scream on CSI. She must have cheated on the test.

jevanslink said...

I can't watch CSI at all when I'm eating. But I've saved the life of many a mouse that my kids' cat used to bring in.  Mrs. L