Dec 5, 2004

Still Married

The December morning was pretty warm for the time of year.  Shirt, tie and light jacket seemed to be the dress of the day.  Later in the day, the weather turned quite cold, and I get called out to some trashy yard to look for bits of evidence that likely ain’t there anywhere.  We start combing the yard and I am COLD. 


 My wife calls on the cell phone and wonders why I’m not home for dinner, again.  Oops… forgot to call, again.  She understands, again; and she offers to do something to help.  

“How about a sweater and my fuzzy hat”? 

Within 15 minutes some rookie cop is yelling at her to move her car from in front of the crime scene; but not before she drops off sweater and fuzzy hat.  


Next month will the 22nd wedding anniversary.  For such a wonderful woman as my wife the gift will have to be spectacular; I think it will be to remember to call her and tell her next time I’ll be late… and pack a warmer coat.

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dragonrose3911 said...

Oooh thats so sweet. I'm starting to get used to that now that I am married to a firefighter. :)