Feb 6, 2009

Shot Three Times

Got called out to a dead guy today. Everything appeared to the responding officers to be a suicide, western single-action revolver still in stiff's hand, entry wound to the chin, locked up house, nothing disturbed or missing; all pretty straight forward. That was until (tension building music: dum dum DUM) the Sargent noticed that there were THREE exit wounds around this guy's head. I get there and Sarge points this out to me, sure enough... three exit holes, and three holes in the ceiling and wall. Now I was never good at mathematics in school, but it seemed that was a bit more than one suicidal shot could produce.

Just before I pulled the "Calling All Detectives" bell, I looked at the injuries again reeeel close.....

Suicide it was.

When a 45 Colt revolver (a BIG round) slug travels upward through the jaw, and you happen to have some complex dental work, the slug can turn some of that dental work into projectiles, causing then to accelerate to about the same speed as the slug.

I dug into the sheetrock, found a bullet and two gold teeth.


Donna said...

Whoa, move over, Grissom!

cw2smom said...

Wow!!! That's fascinating and something I figured I'd hear on Dr. G, Medical Examiner! You rock!! Poor dead guy. Permanant solution. Stupid. Sad. Lisa

Remo said...

They call them Sergents because "overpaid babysitter" was already taken.

Nice work.

Between the gun and the teeth, the guy might have a decent casket.

Myra said...

If I ever succumb to any type of foul play, I want you working my case!

LdyRoxx said...

Wowzer....that's a great eye ya got there. Good thinking. Love your tales.