Feb 27, 2009

Ah, The Memories...

Got my 30 year high school invitation today, the same day I got a stabbing case.

It seems that 30 year reunion is going to take place at the same place as where the stabbing happened:

It seems that my old Alma mater picked the town's biker bar to get together in. I should not be too surprised, it was a rough school. 30 years ago I spent a lot of time in the photography class. All of us camera nerds kept safe by convincing the rough kids that we all had hydrochloric acid from the film studio; it was believable because we all did have a chemical smell on us from the dark room, although the worse we could really do to someone was maybe to inflict a nasty photo paper cut. It was a scary place 30 years ago.

30 years later. The captain comes by my desk and tosses a report on my desk. Seems that "Spooky" (gang name) had been sleeping with "Jokers" baby-mama while Joker was in the County lock up; and, it seems that all these cartoon-character wannabees hang out at the one place the reunion committee thought would most reflect the A.C. Davis class of '79. So, Spooky sees Joker and his buddies (probably Grumpy, Doc and Sneezy) at the dart boards, then walks up and sucker punches Joker. Now Joker has had his pride hurt (pretty tough when you are named after the playing card no one wants), so Joker pulls out his pocket knife and runs after Spooky. He catches up to him and stabs him three times in the back, then runs out of the bar before anyone can see him.

As he flees, he decides to further enhance the covert nature of his escape, so he cleverly tosses off his shirt, evidently wanting to change his appearance. The only problem for Joker is that on his back, tattooed in 4 inch-high letters, is his real name. I am sometimes offended at how easy some of these guys make it.

I think Joker would have really been a great Davis student. He would have probably believed I had acid and left me alone.


Remo said...

"Clowns to the left of me, Joker's to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you..."

Ya gotta love the suspect with a bent for self-promotion.

Maybe you can turn the reunion into a giant game of "Clue". It was Joker in the poolroom with nekkid nipples.

Myra said...

You on the planning committee? I've never attended any of my high school reunions...it was traumatic enough to live through it once, why do it again! I was a book nerd, but hey, a nerd is a nerd :) Biker bar huh? Maybe they'll clean it up a bit for your soiree...or not!

LdyRoxx said...

Now that's a first...a reunion at a biker bar rofl. Gotta love the dumb crooks like Joker...they make us all stop and think "huh?".

Psychfun said...

I just went to my 20th...ugh...people don't change much!

You guys should try to go on the High School Reunion Show on TVLand! HA! At least you would make it more interesting than that last one!

I remember that song too Remo!