Nov 16, 2008

Most Embarrassing Moment--- for Krissy

Now, I’ve no illusions about out-shining Dave as the guy with funny stories; I’m Dave’s greatest fan! But I actually have a cop story of my own to tell.

Back when Dave was working patrol, he and his partner came by the house one day, decked out in their dusty blue uniforms. I was busy doing the dishes, or some other heroic domestic chore.

I would say that Dave and I are rather affectionate to one another- that partly explains our 25 years of marital bliss. In fact, we are what you would call ‘Bottom-slappers.’

As Dave walked past me, I shook the dish water off one hand, leaned over, and gave him the traditional smack on the derriere, eager to show him that he was in my thoughts. To my horror, it was not Dave who turned around to acknowledge my playful wallop, but his partner! I’d tagged the wrong cop!

I really don’t remember much after that, it’s all a blur. I mumbled some shocked apology, and fled for solace to the nearest bag of Snickers bars.

I still see this fellow at the PD every now and then, and shudder as I recall this most unfortunate incident; I just hope that he’s forgotten.

Now that I’ve confessed, you should ask Dave to tell you about the time he came within mere inches of doing the same to a gal who resembles me from the backside- at church! Maybe he remembered my mortifying episode, or maybe he had angelic help that day, but we have both learned to ‘wait until you see the whites of their eyes’ before striking out with that loving smack on the toosh!


Remo said...

At least it was the back of the pants...


Ally Lifewithally said...

this really tickled my sense of humour ~ thanks for the laugh :o) Ally x