May 30, 2019

Why don't I write anymore?

Dear folks, it's me... TEN whole years later.  It's been 8 years since I retired and often people will ask me why I don't write stories anymore.  After my retirement I tried very hard... it wasn't the lack of material, 29 years gives a lot of stories; however every time I sat and tried to write something, something else would capture my interest more. 

After a couple of years I figured out what the problem was; I wrote as a way to deal stress.  After a hard day or a particularly tough crime scene, staying up for hours and composing a silly story relaxed and detoxed me.  Without the stress, I just don't have the motivation or need to write.  I do produce videos for the Gun Range/Firearms Training Facility I work at now, so I continue to do something creative ( .  Anywho, I was just looking at some old favorite pages and I wondered if the link to the blogs was still even good. 

God bless,

(Former) Detective Dave

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