Jul 31, 2010

Too Funny to be False

Well, after my last adventure with Yakima Police Department's Water Wading Squad, I thought that everything would be smooth. We got some updated information on where the gun was tossed and we thought we would go out one more time. I again loaned Detective Drew my wet suit, and reminded him that the ZIPPER GOES IN BACK. He stepped out of the bushes, wet suit donned and ready to plunge into the cold waters; I took one look and was in disbelief... he got the zipper in back, but it was inside out. "Drew, your killin me!" Was all could choke out, I thought he was putting me on... instead of the colorful "O'Neal" logo, a simple stenciled, "XL MADE IN TAIWAN" was what it said in front. Amber was laughing so hard she couldn't hold the camera steady for 4 minutes to take a picture.

I got to hand it to Drew; no turning red, no embarrassment, he just quietly said "F--- it" and got into the water.

We still didn't find a gun.


Remo said...

"Fool me once..."

JC Martin @ Fighter Writer said...

I found your blog via Tessa's bloghop. Very interesting to be able to read about criminal investigations! Might ask to pick your brains in future for a book...