Mar 30, 2010

Death in the Dirty Book Store

Dead bodies are in plentiful supply this spring. 5 murders so far this year, and that’s not counting all the “Unattended Deaths” (where gramps goes in his sleep at home… all in all not a bad way to expire), “Equivocal Deaths” (the heroin needle sticking out of dead guy’s arm is LIKELY why loser is at room temperature- but ya still have to investigate) and, of course, Suicides (no explanation needed).

The last one was pretty bad, some down-on-his-luck 29 year old street urchin went into an adult bookstore one morning and decided that he needed the cash in the till and an “Adult latex novelty device” so badly that he beat the 70 year old clerk to death with a heavy tool (can’t be more specific… got to keep with what’s in the press release and arraignment info). The poor old guy died quickly of the head injuries; blood marks on a hallway leading to the toilet are the last sign of the old man’s life.

Once the suspect was identified, I had to wade through his filthy, hoarder’s dream apartment that he shared with 3 dogs and 4 cats serving a search warrant.

My objective: find the “Adult latex novelty device”… oh boy… yippe…

I located it.

Now I need to take another shower, just because I thought about it again.

Why aren’t there more rookies around when these things need to be bagged and tagged?

BTW… I know what you guys are thinking, it was NOT a dildo.

A security camera was working during the murder, here is the actual photo taken by the security camera and released to local media:

And here is a photo of the guy being arrested after 1.21 gajjillion people called me to tell me who it was. Yup, he saw the news too and shaved.

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Story here:


Donna said...

I wish you'd update your blog more often. You're one of my favorites.

Remo said...

The first guy looks like George Michael. The second photo looks like Ricky Martin. Go figure.

Welcome back.

LdyRoxx said...

Sicko's....but they do make for great reading! Keep em coming!